The intelligent necklaces extract the most important biological components of the cow, which have the greatest impact in increasing its productivity.

  • Measuring cow behavior : Each necklace records the daily activities of the livestock, such as sitting, sleeping, walking, eating and hunting. As a result, a specific assessment of livestock behavior that is affected by its biological components is possible. The results of this assessment can be used to control the health status of the animal along with assessing its sexual behaviors.
  • Evaluation of cow stress : Stress has a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of cows. We know that estrus, milk production, and animal diseases have a direct impact on the behavioral stress of the livestock. Effective components in this measurement will be evaluated continuously.
  • Heat Detection : Despite the advances made in recent decades, heat disposal, especially in medium and large farms, has always been a serious concern for livestock breeders. We have tried to help with an increased sensitivity to the behavior and function of the livestock in order to accurately detect estrus.
  • Determine the delivery time : Because sensitivity in timing of delivery of livestock is very high, therefore, all effective factors in this case, evaluation and results will be reported to the livestock farmer.

Secure and non-invasion
The main characteristic of these necklaces is non-aggressive and safe. That there will be no worries about the use of these necklaces for the health of cattle and herds.

frequency of communication
The frequency range of the system is in a safe area for all animals, and is equal to the communication frequency of mobile phones and, of course, with very low signal strength.

Wireless connection board
The neck range will be more than 500 meters on average. However, the routers, in addition to the task of transmitting information, can boost bandwidth and upgrade the network to tens of kilometers.

Long lifetime necklace
Each necklace has a quality assurance for 5 years and therefore, in the event of any functional malfunction in this period, at no charge, including unconditional waiver.

Very low power consumption
Despite the constant communication of information, but during several experiments, we have been able to extend battery life for more than two years, so the batteries in this period will include warranties. Also, after the battery life is over, it can be replaced.